Coventry Winter Night Shelter

Over the summer I was please to help induct Bernardo Cortes as the new project co-ordinator for Coventry Winter Night Shelter. We talked about the past and the future; the changing shape of homelessness in the city and he began learning about the ways that people begin sleeping rough.

At the same time we have seen the numbers coming to Wednesday Kitchen growing. Many are homeless, or housed in hostels, B&B’s or inadequate housing. I can’t quote you figures, but anecdotally I would suggest that the need for Night Shelter, alongside the provision of food and safe places is growing as austerity bites at the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. It may well give us opportunities to serve – but I really wish we did not have to do so.

So, Coventry Winter Night Shelter is getting ready to open in December. St. Columba’s will again provide the venue for Saturday Nights and we are seeking volunteers, money and prayers.

  • We hope that many who volunteered in previous years will return, but inevitably there is a turnover. So, if you feel that you can help please let me know and submit your details via here We especially struggle for men to cover the Night Shift.
  • It costs us about £1200 per year to host. I’m pleased that has been covered from around the United Reformed Churches and would ask people and churches to contribute once again.
  • Prayer matters. Some of you will not be able to volunteer – but that does not stop you praying. If, you let me know that you are committing to pray then I can also give you particular prayer points. At the moment pray for Bernardo as he settles in; for the recruitment of an Assistant; for the recruitment and training of volunteers; for Natalie as she puts together the shift rota for St. Columba’s; and for all who find themselves sleeping rough and seeking shelter.

Jesus may have said that the poor will always be with us – but that does not means we have to accept the fact, or shrug our shoulders and do nothing. He also said, “When I was hungry you gave me food … when I was a stranger you welcomed me.”

be blessed


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