First Monday at the Manse

“To start reading Revelation is to step into a strange unfamiliar world of angels and demons, of lambs, lions, horses and dragons.” (John Stott, 1990) Yet those who came along to the inaugural First Monday at the Manse decided that they wanted to look at Revelation whilst learning more about Jesus. So, with the help of John Stott’s book What Christ thinks of the Church, we are going to study the letters to the seven churches found in Revelation 2 & 3, letters which are less about angels and demons and more about the church of Jesus Christ. We will look at these churches, the issues touched on, how their life relates to Jesus’ life as told in the gospels and see if we can find revelations about 21st century church life and how we witness to Jesus today.

This new venture will replace Eve at Wyken and mark the end of the Tuesday Housegroup at St. Columba’s that has met for many years. We hope that putting the groups together with new people from any of the churches will help to create a more sustainable group than we have had in the past. My thanks to those who persisted with Eve but we now look forward to new life growing out of an ending and would really encourage everyone to come and join with us so that we can learn together and from each other.

Our Lent Gatherings will look even more specifically at Jesus. We will follow a course entitled Who Is This Man?: The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus. These will take place on Thursday afternoon and evening at Warwick Road and we would encourage you to come and join with friends from the ten Coventry URC’s for those five weeks.

Let anyone who has an ear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches. To everyone who conquers, I will give permission to eat from the tree of life that is in the paradise of God. (Rev 2:7)

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