Psalm 25



Tune CH4 31 I waited patiently for God

or RS 441 Belmont


To you, O Lord, I lift my soul

In you, my God, I trust.

Don’t leave me shamed by rivals glee,

but disappoint their scorn.


With you, O Lord, I learn new paths

In you, my God, is truth.

Led by your hand, kept safe from harm

I bide each day in you.


Recall, O Lord, your songs of old

For you, my God, are grace.

Forgive my faults from youthful days,

In kindness hold me fast


And as we travel through this life

God leads us step by step.

Into the joys of cherished love

we dance our promised Yes!



Paraphrase Psalm 25: 1-10

Craig & Christine Muir 28 Feb 2009

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One Response to “Psalm 25”
  1. ray davison says:

    A meaningful reading for me today, as I have just completed another session of my lay visiting work at the hospital.’ As we travel through this life God leads us step by step’ He does indeed but sometimes he puts us right in at the deep end as I found out today, when confronted by a member of staff to ask me to talk to a young father who was distressed at seeing his new born son struggle with life. And although I was in at the deep end somehow God lead me through step by step. To you O Lord I lift my soul In you my God I trust.