July’s Church Meeting agreed to seek funding to redevelop the building. It is a brave step. As a congregation we are increasingly vulnerable but we serve vulnerable people. We hope that setting out on such a path will bring newcomers into the church, but there are no guarantees. It was good that some felt that we should close down now, and that others felt that we have to see whether the redevelopment can happen – but from everyone there seemed to be a view that if we can not raise the money for redevelopment, then it will be time to leave. Thank you for this faithful step – lets see where it ends.

The Meeting also agreed to ask members and friends to make a significant donation. We want to be able to show potential funders that we are committed and one way to do that is by being prepared to put hands in our own pockets. Donation can be made by cheque or by a promise and will be different for different people so we would ask you to give what you can – but we are not setting any targets. If we get to a point where we realise that this project is not going to happen we will return the donations so long as you have given it in a way that means we can record the gift. So we would ask you to make any donations or promises via Moira Hill. We can delay making the Gift Aid claim on these donations for 4 years, so will only do so when we know the work is going ahead. You can use the attached form to make a donation or record a pledge to be redeemed in future.Building Fund Promise – 1

So we invite you to join the adventure. Jesus said, “Ask and it will be given to you: seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” It is time to Ask, Seek and Knock we are looking for money and for people who want to join a brave, faithful church and serve a whole range of vulnerable people in the way God calls each who follows Christ.

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