Reflection for 17 May

Love one another
not as servants and masters
superior and inferior
them and us
but as friends

Love one another
not as strangers passing
occasional acquaintances
nodding heads
but as friends
who share all that life will bring
love one another

know one another
by name and by manner
by all that brings joy
by all that causes pain
by touch and by sign
by all that fulfiils
by all that disappoints
love one another

For this is God’s community
the friends of Jesus and one another
the tellers of good news
the bearers of fruitful gifts
the sharers of abiding love
the outpourers of love in action
so love one another
 – there is much to love.

For this is God’s community
the spirit-filled and the astounded
the mystic and the preacher
the sure and the unsure
the homebird and the stranger
the seeker and the sought
the dancer and the wallflower
the entertainer and the bore
the same and the different
so love one another
 – there is much to love.

 For this is God’s community
the child-like faithful
the carefully obedient
the over burdened
the carefree-soul
the weary voice
the venture catalyst
the constant critic
the social includer
the sorrowful debtor
the quietly confident
so love one another
 – there is much to love

and if we have no love,
then what have we?
and if we have no love
how Dare we,
talk of God
expect grace
hope for justice
inspire liberation
sing praise
offer prayers
name ourselves Christ’s,

– how dare we.

For God is love
and all our words
and all our acts
and all that we would be
are but inadequate
responses to such love.

Psalm 25



Tune CH4 31 I waited patiently for God

or RS 441 Belmont


To you, O Lord, I lift my soul

In you, my God, I trust.

Don’t leave me shamed by rivals glee,

but disappoint their scorn.


With you, O Lord, I learn new paths

In you, my God, is truth.

Led by your hand, kept safe from harm

I bide each day in you.


Recall, O Lord, your songs of old

For you, my God, are grace.

Forgive my faults from youthful days,

In kindness hold me fast


And as we travel through this life

God leads us step by step.

Into the joys of cherished love

we dance our promised Yes!



Paraphrase Psalm 25: 1-10

Craig & Christine Muir 28 Feb 2009