Say Hello

On Sunday we said goodbye to Say “Hello!” until we probably do it all again at Stoke URC in the first week of August. We had great fun, our 9 children were a bit swamped by our 19 leaders but it meant that they had lots of help and attention and our leaders ranging in age from 13 to 70 something learnt that they can work with children, lead games, create music and big art.

We began with Moses, approaching the burning bush, learning what it can mean when God says “Hello!” We listened to Jesus teaching his disciples how to pray and we prayed with them, “Our Father in heaven ….” and we asked the question, “Who is my neighbour?” with a couple of dramatic retellings of the Samaritan story before serving coffee and cakes to parents and friends.

Wyken 22 February 2009

Mark 9:2-10
2 Kings 2;1-14;
2 Cor 4;3-6

Mountains as spiritual places experienced by Moses at Sinai, Elijah at 1 Kings 19:11

What are our own reference points?

Key: This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him


The disciples want to build dwellings –

dwellings/churches give stability, permanence, connection –

but down side – insular, static, maintenance burden – what are we to do? – listen to Jesus

Coming down from the mountaintop in amongst the crowd becomes involved in  conflicts of real life.


The mountain is place to dream…….. imagine ………. inspire  …….listen ……..

Where life can be transfigured, transformed

What is the Vision for our churches – each person; community, building: – what have we been created to be? what can we imagine? how will we inspire? 

Amongst all the voices we must listen to Jesus for “This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him”  Around the Lord’s Table we come to a  place of storytelling, meeting, fellowship. Let us listen and dream.