A Life Poem

I presented a twig
with the hint of a bud.
“A chance of life?”
“Yes, m’duck ”
And Easter came.

I point across fences
at the fruit filled life.
“We’ll walk around”
“Where’s the fun?”
And Easter came.

I looked on forlornly
at the pile life leaves
“It can’t be done”
“No such word”
And Easter came.

I stand broken and tired
at the foot of life’s hill
“Where to from here?”
“Hang on tight”
And Easter came.

Craig Muir, February 2010

This poem is inspired by my Mother-in Law, Barbara Smith. She had a number of sayings that coloured the way she lived life. It was a positive can do outlook that brought plants to life, enjoyed crab-appling, acquired cuttings and found practical solutions to any problem. Whilst the incidents and sayings are personal to the family, I hope the poem expresses the potential of Lent and you will see Easter come.

Be Blessed