1st March 2009

Genesis 9:8-17
Mark 1:9-15

How do we mark promises? – ring, handshake, signature, baptism, badge, 

Rainbow – God’s promise, to all creation of a new relationship, to be involved in the world

Used as a symbol in South Africa, Tutu “We are the rainbow people of God! We are unstoppable! Nobody can stop us on our march to victory! No one, no guns, nothing! Nothing will stop us, for we are moving to freedom! We are moving to freedom and nobody can stop us! For God is on our side!”

or Rainbow scarves – Jubilee 2000, our commitment to our world.

Jesus is the new relationship – the beloved Son, living amongst wild beasts, proclaiming good news – Kingdom of God is near (at hand)

We mark promises by living them; a ring means nothing without faithfulness, a badge is pointless unless you live up to the values of the organisation, a handshake is meaningless is you renege of the deal, a signature on a dud cheque, your baptism means nothing if you fail to follow the way of Jesus. 

How will you respond to the promises of God?