15 March 2009

Exodus 20:1-7 

1 Corinthians 1:18-31

John 2: 13-22 


Keeping the Sabbath, – There is a created rhythm to our work and play, activity and rest – a holy day – for ourselves and for those we have power over – children, slaves, animals. In Deuteronomy it will be extended to remind the people  they had been slaves in Egypt. The Prophets link abuse of poor to breaking the sabbath (e.g.Amos 8: 4-6) – to be involved in issues of justice is to be sabbath people, to speak for the voiceless is to be sabbath people, to ensure the right balance of work and rest for all people is to be sabbath people – let us keep the sabbath.

Raising Temples, – The temple system abused the poor and thus broke the sabbath, as those who worship money so often do. Humans have a tendency to build physical temples, worship buildings, – purpose of the temple – “to the glory of God”  purpose of our buildings – to be engaged in God’s work – Christ is the temple – we are the body of Christ – temple built through the way we live our lives.

Living Foolishly – Why worry about the poor? Why be concerned about anyone other than yourself and yours? Why not build something great to show how wonderful I am? – that is the wisdom of the world, look after no.1 – God’s way is to build communities that support one another, encourage one another, strong and weak, rich and poor, working together so that the whole is always greater than the individual – foolish living that boasts of God.