Making investments

At a recent Tuesday morning Ministers’ prayers, we found ourselves taking about death. In our line of work that is not particularly unusual but as a group we had each been living amongst the dieing and grieving more than normal; deaths that were close to us or significant within our churches and we needed to offload our own emotions upon each other. It is such a joy to work, with such people.

As the conversation moved on we found ourselves talking about the shadow left by predecessors (we were in a jolly mood!). Sometimes that shade is good and positive, at other times it can feel like people are stuck in that past moment, incapable of imagining different futures. As we prayed we gave thanks for all who had gone before us and sought hope in the days to come.

The following morning I led prayers at the Chapel of Unity, reading from Ephesians 1, “so that, … you may know …the riches of his glorious inheritance amongst the saints.” We were reminded of the wealth we inherit – a legacy of love, of wisdom, of history, of purpose. It is often a debt that can not be repaid in person but can be reinvested through our own times, with a healing touch, encouraging words, generous spirits, open hearts, positive outlooks, gracious welcomes, hopeful partings and care-filled endowments.

I’m occasionally aware of predecessors. Some I know, others look down from rogues galleries. They rarely intimidate, occasionally I moan at them and perhaps they grumble back, but mostly I get a sense of being set free to re-imagine, to make fresh investments, to live for now, encouraged into tomorrow by that great communion of saints that has bestowed so much upon us and by God who brings blessing, wisdom, understanding throughout each faithful journey.

be blessed