I’ve stopped …

I’ve stopped walking. It wasn’t a conscious decision, it just seemed to sneak up on me and next thing I know I haven’t walked in ages. It’s not just Monday morning which used to be blocked out in my diary for walking, it’s the regular shorter walk most mornings or taking the time to walk to work. The diary had other pressures, so Monday morning was needed for other things, I no longer had a demanding dog. I preferred an extra half-hour sleep or looked at the wind, rain snow and decided that my study looked more appealing. I’ve started looking outside thinking I should go for a walk, but having broken the habit, having discovered that I’m not as fit as I used to be, I make an excuse, squeeze in an extra distraction and jump in the car.

Of course when I walk, I pray, I create, I ponder, I become aware of my environment, of the world around me of the people who share my space, but most of all I pray. I haven’t totally stopped praying, or creating or looking at the world around me – but somehow the quality of such activities is diminished and I know it – but what’s to be done?

I’ve stopped church. It wasn’t a conscious decision, it just seemed to sneak up on me and next thing I know I haven’t been in ages. It’s not just Sunday morning ……..Well “I” haven’t of course but my character has, and perhaps you have, or a friend of yours has and you know that somehow life is not quite as prayerful, as creative, as connected as it was but what is to be done? Some encouragement? A fresh purpose? Seeing old friends again? Meeting new folk? Taking that first step, and getting back in the habit?

Time I went for a walk, want to join me?

be blessed


Prayer Walking

One morning at Summer School we were encouraged to read Joel 2 and to reflect upon it. I found myself stuck on verse 17, “between the vestibule and the altar let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep.” Was that really for me? And what was I to do about it. I walked out of the grounds and across the road was a redundant building, it had been a school but looked like a church and I knew I was being encouraged to pray in a systematic regular way for our churches. Not something I’m very good at doing! – so I need a diaried structure.

Also on my mind was the general lack of enthusiam to make the Prayer Walk idea viable, but we have talked about doing something in September around our three churches and it would be good to do that together. But as I pondered the command to weep, I knew I was being encouraged to walk and pray mainly on my own. Hence, I shall spend Monday mornings walking from Wyken to home, spending time at each church praying for our life together and seeking God’s guidance for our future. If anyone would like to join me at some point, I’m sure that is OK and once I have a sence of the timings I will let you know where I should be when.

Let me leave you with part of prayer by Sue McCoan in the 2010 Prayer Handbook.
When life is good and purpose drives our steps – We praise you.
When we are sure of your steadfast, saving love- We praise you.
When doubts and questions seem to cloud faith – We praise you.
When our courage fails and our way is unclear – We praise you.